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Saturday, August 29, 2009

29th August '09

Hey hey everyone :)

It's been a while ... again ...
Just came back from my guitar class and OUCH! my finers feel like i've left them on a frying pan for a couple of months ! Ah well ... the solemn state of gaming is really keeping my frown the same side down ... No new games so far . All waiting for the holiday season to release their games .

1.Uncharted 2
2.Mordern Warfare 2
3.Assasin's Creed 2
4.Tekken 6

ONCE AGAIN it's either NOTHING or TOO much !!
But that is a pretty impressive line up ! I am really looking forward to AC2 and MW2 ! They both look sublime .And the new PS3 price cut is almost HERE !
I already have a ps3 ... So why do i care ?
BEACUSE it's helping the company ! :D
I'm a really bad fan boy and i am one of those guys who cant keep his mouth from cursing the XBOX owners .(hehe)
I got myself into a LOT of automobile studies these days . The way they work is truly GENIOUS !
Well that's about all i can think of what i've been upto right now ..
I know i have a lot of free time ~_~
Your forgetting about the one thing which keeps me occupied all the time and the same thing which i keep cursing even in my dreams ... School ! :(
Oh yeah and by the way the tribute to Micheal Jackson concert is going on as i type ^_^

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