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Saturday, August 29, 2009

29th August '09

Hey hey everyone :)

It's been a while ... again ...
Just came back from my guitar class and OUCH! my finers feel like i've left them on a frying pan for a couple of months ! Ah well ... the solemn state of gaming is really keeping my frown the same side down ... No new games so far . All waiting for the holiday season to release their games .

1.Uncharted 2
2.Mordern Warfare 2
3.Assasin's Creed 2
4.Tekken 6

ONCE AGAIN it's either NOTHING or TOO much !!
But that is a pretty impressive line up ! I am really looking forward to AC2 and MW2 ! They both look sublime .And the new PS3 price cut is almost HERE !
I already have a ps3 ... So why do i care ?
BEACUSE it's helping the company ! :D
I'm a really bad fan boy and i am one of those guys who cant keep his mouth from cursing the XBOX owners .(hehe)
I got myself into a LOT of automobile studies these days . The way they work is truly GENIOUS !
Well that's about all i can think of what i've been upto right now ..
I know i have a lot of free time ~_~
Your forgetting about the one thing which keeps me occupied all the time and the same thing which i keep cursing even in my dreams ... School ! :(
Oh yeah and by the way the tribute to Micheal Jackson concert is going on as i type ^_^

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cannot Think Of A Tittle >_<

Woah ~! It's been a while since i wrote here ... and tons of crazy crap has been happening here !! First of all MJ is D-E-A-D !! :O:O:O

Irony of the fact is i just started listening to his songs and started liking them .. lol
The other topic on the list is that i am officialy sweet 16 ^_^. Got loads of gifts !! Most of them rocked unlike last year .An original Gucci t-shirt ! (\m/) Thats my favourite .
And did i mention the fact that i am one of the editors for my school's E-news paper under the "Voices" categeory ! My job is to conduct surveys on any topic of intrest and i get to meet the students and ask them how much they hate school !! JOY :)
And another ultra awesome thing which will remind me never to Rip my bike on a runway is that recently me and my friends went to this place about 27 kms away from chennai which is actually an abondoned runway ! Maxed out our bikes for about 40 mins and got chased by the officials :P
Well i guess im having fun ...
Cheers ~! ^_^

Monday, June 15, 2009

When Things REALLY get hot ...

Well my entire house is running on low current right now so ill try and make this quick .

Heres a good "quote" (or whatever u call it) in life which i just thought of ... but then quickly realised that there are better quotations out there which are as same as mine >_<
Well here it is anyway :
When things get too hot to handle .. We have to become hotter then them .
You know .. when you grow hotter than them then practically they are cooler then you and you can handle them :D
Okay i know it sucks but sheesh ...

Making media cheaper ??

Ok , this blog is a reply to my buddy Azeron who thinks games , songs and movies are too costly being at 1000 bucks and more ..

Well listen here dude ... and all you other dudes who think this is right as well ...
I'll start off with an example .There is a game called God Of War III due to release on the playstation 3 on March next year .This game ,with no doubt ,i can tell will cost around 3000 bucks .This i am completly willing to pay for i know what they had to go through to make the game what is was in the E3 . Apparently they started building the engine for the game from scratch right after God Of War 1 came out ... Thats like almost 4 freaking years !! And thats only the engine ! And ive seen tons of these sorta things and listen here my friend .. pay them what they deserve so that they can make better games next time ..
And as for movies i don't know much but i sure say that all that graphics and all those cars which they blow up dont come easy ....
Heres another angle at the point .
If an organisation is creating say a game or movie ... And lets just assume that it costs hell a lot of cash . Lets say about 3 crores . And say that organisation imposes a price of 1000 on their product and expects a good response from its consumers .
This is where the whole problem begins .. If there are about 20 people willing to buy the game ,the company's income should actually be 20,000 .But say just two people buy it and make 10 pirated copies each .Then the 20 people who actually wanted to buy the game , naturally , will opt for the cheaper (illegal may i add) version which may be priced around 100 bucks .
In this case the organisation's profit , all the way from 20,000 , is reduced to 2000 .
And they will be history if this countinues ...
Sad is it not ?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


inFAMOUS demo was out on playsation network yesterday ... Dumb-asses release the demo one day before the actual release ...
Was'nt really impressed with the visuals but gameplay was sweet ..

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Either Too Much Or Too Less *sigh*

A few weeks ago i really regretted eating my words ...
What were my words you ask ?? Good Question ..
Me before the last exam to my mom : Phew ! The last exam ... after this comes infinite freedom !! **broad Grin**
Mom Listening to my petty emotion : You say this now but wait until they REALLY begin ... you'll really miss school ..
And i was like "chh Yeah ! Like thats gonna happen ..."
I had a good reason to say that .... I had a PS3 for heavens sake !! And a ... ummm ..err ... My friends ! Yeah i had my friends ! Ok is that all i had ? (-_-*) What ever i had made me feel that way and the hatred toward my books fueled this ....
After a week into the holidays :
*tring tring*
Me : Hello ?
Friend : Yo ! Wat'cha doin ??
Me : Trying to conquer the world while hopping on one foot
Friend : What's put you in this bad mood ?
Me : Im Bored ...
Oops ... mom beside me ... did'nt see her ... forgot about the whole " I Wont be bored thing"
OK OK I lost !!
Anyway ... i really was bored ... didnt expect the "Long awaited holidays" to end up this way . My ps3 u ask ? Well ... i ran out of games (~_~). I did have killzone to play but my friend borrowed it and i could'nt ask it back (long story). And this is the part where i had nothing to do ...
A week later ....
I get sickened by boredom and get Street Fighter IV (although im not an arcade guy .. i had nothing else to do)
Friend compeles me to try out Call Of Duty IV online and i loved it !!
Borrow story book from another friend and it turns out to be good.
Friend visits my house and returns killzone and i realise how much i've missed it ..
It didnt matter for long because my mom says we have to go to andra to visit relatives (~_~)
I hate my life ...
Cheers to you too !!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is my first Full-scale review on a game ... enjoy ^_^
Name : Killzone2
Genre : Action/First Person Shooter
Platform : Playstation 3
Developers : Guerrila Games
Geaphics : 96%
Gameplay : 90%
Lifespan : About 12 hours
Overall : 98%

Who would have ever thought that killzone which came out in 2006 for the playstation2 would have such a massive sequel .When the sequel was announced through a trailer ,the immense graphic quality surely required a standing up for ..
When the actual game was announced a few months before its release date massive hypes and ripples were created all over the gaming world ... could this be the break sony was hoping for ?? No one knew until the actual day ..
And on the day of truth all was revealed and Killzone finally lived up to its immense and towering expectations.
I personally loved the game to the very extent it could take to ..
The story actually goes like this ....
The year is (im not exactly sure about the date but its somewhere around here) 2159 and humans have moved on and started colonisong on other planets .One such planet is Vekta .And another planet involed in the story is planet Helghast .
In the first installment of the game we understand that planet Helghast has a new leader/dictator known as Scholar Visari .He converts his planet into this war machine and invades Vekta .You play as captain templar and replel the forces out if the planet .As the invasion draws to a defeat for the Helgans they steal a few warheads and they happend to be nuclear ... coincedence ??
And so in Killzone 2 you play as Sergent Sevchenko and take the fight to their home planet .Aim. To bring down scholar Visari and bring a halt to the war machine ,and to retrive the nuclear warheads .
The stunning visual effects truly raises the bar and anything under it is now unacceptable .The powerful engine seemlessly anti-alises the environment all in the while keeping the frame rate at a very good pace . The physics are astoundingly natural and the flow-movement of the game is magnificent .The surroundings are also taken into account where every now and then a paper piece may flutter along or the friendly sun rays through the destroyed buildings seem all to good in thier natural glory .The fast action gameplay keeps you moving from one battle to another with hardly room to breathe . The fights are long , but not too long as to get tedious .
The weapons are another good factor in the game .Especially for me as i take them into account and so much to say that i let go of call of duty : world at war lookin at those world war two type of guns .There are various type of guns in the game which rise to specific occasions .. There are two types of standard assault rifles .The ISA M-18 and the helghan assault ( i dont know wats its called ) The M18 with its green assault scope is defineltly the pick of the lot . The other notable weapons include a bolt gun ( AWESOME !!) .Shooting a bullet onto an enemy will send them flying and bolts them to the nearest wall before blowing up .Another really slick gun is an electrifying sort of weapon which makes you almost invinceble .It has infinite ammo as it picks up energy from the air .I was nearly going to drop it down and pick somthing else as the going became too easy (LOL).And the standard sniper and all that party follows on ...
There are certain infantry types of helghan known as the "Heavy" which i'd like to point out .They are actually soldiers fed with drugs and exposed to too much propaganda speaking .So in the battle field all they know is hatred against the ISA (the good guys) . They have huge armour im-penetrable by common bullets . The only way one can kill them is by shooting thier helmets in which case they turn around and expose their flammable cylinders . A good 20 bullets should make those heavies jump in a swimming pool ;). The helghan soldiers are not exactly the sharpest tool on the sheds but they are surely a force to be reckoned with .The AI is really good and keeps you real busy on all sides .They take cover when they are attacked and dont peep put if you keep them suppressed i.e. Shooting bullets near their cover.
The weird thing about this game is that the gameplay never slows down . Even when your walking to your next destination .Maybe im just mesmirsed by the really good visualls ... i personally dont know ... I remeber those days when i used to play crysis and those long walks along those mountain roads were ever so boring even in "Super-speed" mode ...
You just don't walk around and shoot people in this game by the way .. In certain missions you get in tanks and get behind turrets which rise to the ocassion .One awesome mission sees you get into an ISA robot-like machine which is almost too good to be true... another mission gets you behind an anti aircraft turret to defend your cruiser .
All in all the campain mode is a bit of a flash but the trophies should keep you comming back to it .... The online mode is just well placed together .There are many modes :
1. Body Count - Your average death match
2. Search and retrive - Somthing similar to capture the flag in most games
3. Search and destroy - The game picks a target . One team Tries and destroys , the other defends
4. Assasination - The name says it all
5. Territory control - Isn't this mode there in all the games ??
The game moulds and mixes these missions very well . The online maps are really where combat happens in close quarters and there isn't much camping .
The online mode has two rewards .One as your leveling up to promoting classes like sergent and general .And the other one is being able to unlock new guns for the standard soldier ,the engineers , medic and so on .
All in all this game is definetly what the sony wanted ! Their big break and their saviour .The low price comes as a suprise and goes good on your wallet . PICK THIS GAME UP ! Its worth everything you own your ps3 for.

Hello People !! Missed Me ??

I am finally back in business just to prove that exams and my ps3 are not going to control my inner bolgging spirits .... Phew !
And now that i AM back ...
Look Out :P

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Gaming Blood Flows Through My Veins With Pride ..... Once Again

I have reached the top of the food-chain and now have seperated myself from the heard .... Because while you little kiddies play .... i Game on the playground which sony has destined me with ...
Look .... All im trying to say is that i got a Playstation 3 !! Jeez .... You guys can take a little dramatric talk can you ??
Well Anyway ....
Actually i got it in my vacation to Dubai (Yes , im Showing off :P) There was this "Offer" and so i could'nt resist .... I just hope i made the right choice ... Hope fully the Xbox isnt any better ... speaking about choices i made my first bad one already ... Guys take an advice from me ... never fight with your parents for 22 long minutes and spend 2000 bucks on a filthy , bugging , framing , hell-crapping , good for nothing , sad and stupid game like "Need For (not so) Speed :Undercover" .... it aint worth it ...

The picture on the top is when i unpacked it for the first time ... *tears* so beautiful ..

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Bomb ... Boom!!

Yup ... Finally the day has come ... the Not-So-Enthusiastic Parents Open Meet .

For people who don't know what it is ,it's the day where all the fairies in their homes get their true colors revealed in school .The parents and the teachers discuss about the student's performance in the terminals and this meeting also includes discussions on how to physically torture our very being and push us into further studies to diminsh the last burning candle of hope ... fun .
It's not all that bad for me because my parents aren't that strict and i don't give them much to scold at me but thinking of the various ridiculously stupid excuses for their low marks .There are people who go "we got attacked by freakishly large aliens " and thier brainless parents are dum enough to fall for that .
But this time i have a reputation to keep up to . I got the first rank in the mid-term and people expect that of me everytime !!Remember the time when i said that my parents were a bit lienient  ?? Because of that im not used to much pressure .They don't want THAT much from me .... Now because of this first place my class teacher is "all roses" at me !! She was looking forward to me getting the first rank more than me !!
Today when it was "officially" finalised that i was not that anymore the disappointment in her voice really made me feel "am i really this bad at keeping up to other's beliefs ??"
Anyway ,this exam was really bad and there were many 60's than the dust in my history teachers head.
Big suprise !! The hardcore gamer has some feelings too ....
(On the verge of loosing my net connection)